What Is Basement Wall Membrane and Why Does it Matter?

As a homeowner, you may not even be aware that your home has a basement wall membrane. Or, if your basement doesn’t have it, you may not know that you need it. Trust us when we say that it is essential to keep your home dry – in particular, of course, the basement, which is exposed to damp almost constantly.

What Is a Basement Wall Membrane?

It is a waterproof barrier that is applied to the outside of your basement wall, below the ground line. It is designed to prevent any moisture from seeping into the foundation walls. It can be applied in the form of a spray, troweled on to the walls or, more popularly, as sheets of dimpled plastic that are fastened tightly to the walls, forming a strong protective barrier and covering up any cracks in the brickwork.

In order to install a basement wall membrane to an existing property, our crews dig a trench all the way around the outside of the foundation, clean the walls, repair any cracks, apply a sealant, then hang and fasten the membrane. Footer drains are then installed before the trench is covered up again.

Why Do You Need a Basement Wall Membrane?

Damp seeping into foundation walls is a common problem that leads to more than just a bit of mold and rot in your basement. Over time, it can threaten the integrity of the structure itself and cause the severe devaluation of your property. Repairing the damage caused by damp can be costly, which is why it’s best to install a preventive measure such as a membrane, which is a relatively cheap and very effective solution to the problem.

If you live in the Morris County area and need a basement wall membrane, we can install one for you. For more information on membranes and anything relating to basement waterproofing, please visit us at: https://basementwaterproofingsolutionsnj.com/