The Most Common Causes of Home Flooding and Water Damage

Few things are as devastating to a home as water damage, which can quickly contaminate and destroy furniture, belongings and appliances as well as compromising the structure of the building. Here are the most common causes of water damage and flooding in the home, from our basement waterproofing team in Monmouth County, NJ.

  • Burst or leaking pipes: Over time, water pipes can rust and become damaged, especially if they are poorly insulated from the heat and cold. A slowly leaking pipe can lead to wall and flooring damage as well as mold growth, while a burst pipe can quickly flood a house. If you see damp, have a musty smell in your home or notice an unexplained increase in your water bill, it’s best to call in a leak detection team quickly.
  • Household appliances: Washing machines, refrigerators, hot water tanks and dishwashers are all connected to the water supply – and these connections can sometimes fail. This may be due to a poor installation, wear-and-tear on particular parts and valves, or external damage. These appliances should be regularly inspected for leaks to ensure that they’re working properly and safely in your home.
  • Clogged drains: Blocked toilets and drains prevent water and waste from moving through your home’s waste pipes, so it backs up in your home’s plumbing. That’s why your blocked toilet can lead to overflows in your shower or sink. This can lead to a flood of sewage in your home or a mold problem if not dealt with quickly.
  • Poor crawlspace, attic and basement waterproofing: These are the three areas of your home’s structure that are most likely to trap moisture, leading to mold, foundation problems, dampness and rot. Proper crawlspace insulation and basement waterproofing is the best way to prevent these costly and dangerous issues.

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