How to Clean Your Home’s Gutter System

It is recommended that every home owner takes the time to clean their gutters at least twice every year. However, if your home boasts plenty of tall trees or sees a lot of rainfall, it may be in your best interest to clean your gutter system every three months. The fact is that clogged gutters can do more than just damage your roof – they can also lead to water damage in your basement! This is because if water cannot drain effectively from the gutters, it can spill down the sides of the house and pool around your home’s foundation.

Prevention is better than cure! Basement waterproofing experts in Rockland County NY from BWS provide a breakdown of how to clean your home’s gutter system below.

Gather All That You Will Need

Luckily, cleaning gutters is not that difficult – unless you have put it off for a long time, that is! All that you will really need in order to do a thorough job is some rubber gloves, a ladder, a gutter scoop, a plastic tarp and a garden hose.

Get Started

Place the plastic tarp on the lawn right below the area of the gutter that you will be working on. This will make clean-up much easier.

Once you have put on your rubber gloves (it is also wise to wear long sleeves), climb the ladder so that you can reach the gutters with ease.

Use the gutter scoop to remove the gunk and drop it down onto the plastic tarp. If you do not have a gutter scoop available, a child’s sand shovel should do the trick.

Flush the gutters with the garden hose once you are satisfied that you have removed all of the build-up present. Keep an eye out for any leaks when you do this!

Finally, clean up the debris on the plastic tarp and VOILA! You are done.

Remember, even if you are strict about keeping your gutters in tip top condition, your basement may still be at risk. This is why it is worthwhile to consider basement waterproofing. Rockland County NY is home to BWS – one of the most reputable basement waterproofing companies in New Jersey and New York.

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