Basement Dehumidifier Solutions for New Jersey

Sometimes, all you need is a dehumidifier…

A Dehumidifier can take a malodorous, mold prone, basement and change it into clean-smelling, healthy fun. Prolonged exposure to high moisture in the air will eventually contribute to the wear and warping of chair cushions, furniture of all sorts, wood floor warping and separating, sill rot and host of other issues that ruin the fun of having an otherwise dry basement. BWS sells and installs Dehumidification systems that are among the finest in the industry and that are built to perform and last. These are no Home-Depot Dehumidifiers!

Humidex - A NJ Basement Dehumidifier Solution

Our primary and proven solution to problems of recurring humidity, is the HDS 209 Air Exchange unit. You can think of it as a dehumidifier on Steroids…

This unit is designed for homes with full basements and has an expandable height from 87.5″-103″. This unit has heavy duty capacity covering a basement of up to 2100 sq.ft. with a CFM of 240. This is an air evacuation system that is installed in the basement. Compact and discrete, the Humidex system is designed to be placed against a wall and blend with the decor.

Also note that it is vented outside meaning that there are no messy water trays to empty, ever!

The Humidex HDS 209 also will:

  • Improve Air Quality
  • Reduce window condensation
  • Reduces excess humidity and musty odor
  • Replace damp humid air with warm, dry air
  • Operates at a low cost of $2.00/month of electricity (38 watts)
  • Does not require expensive part replacement – 10 year warranty (all parts warranty except outside vent)
  • Does not require excessive ductwork – vented just like a dryer
  • A summertime humidity control system that will also solve wintertime window condensation
  • Avoid costly household repairs due to window frame and sill rot
  • No Buckets to empty

Professionally installing a dehumidifier in your basement takes only a few hours. Contact us today for a free estimate on your basement in NJ: (201) 783-9005.

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