Battery & Water Backed Sump Pump Services in New Jersey

Battery & Water Backed Sump Pump Services

Worried about a power outage during a bad rainstorm?  We also install commercial strength battery or water pressure operated back up pumps for when your electricity goes out.

Little Giant Battery Back Up Pump

The Little Giant SPBS-12 battery backed sump pump provides extra protection in the event the primary sump pump fails, an obstruction in the sump pit blocks flow, or a power outage occurs. The Little Giant back up sump pump system also functions as an alarm system if the primary pump fails to empty the sump pit.
The back up system is powered by a 12 VDC battery.

A controller/charger monitors the battery condition and charges the battery when required. It also alerts the homeowner when the system has operated or when possible flooding conditions exist.


  • 12 VDC Pump
  • Controller/Charger/Alarm, 10 amp
  • Float Switch
  • Check Valve for 12V Pump
  • PVC Tee for connection to existing 1 1/2″ discharge pipe of primary pump
  • Battery Box (battery not included)
  • Pump mounting brackets and clamps

The battery life on these pumps continue to keep your home dry for up to 24 hours under typical usage scenarios, more than enough time for 98% of power outages to be corrected. 

Liberty Sump Pumps – Water Powered Back Up Pumps!

One of the most amazing new technologies to come along in a while is the so-called “Sump-Jet,” a water powered backup pump that protects your basement even during long power outages. While a battery backed up sump pump is generally good for about 8-24 hours, a Liberty sump pump will remove water as long as there is water pressure in your home. For those with city water this is the perfect solution to reliable operation through the longest outages.

Features of this unique design include:

  • Works off of municipal water supply.
  • Accepts from 20 to 100 PSI water supply line.
  • Requires no electricity at all.
  • Highly efficient design removes more water per gallon used.
  • Fully automatic, compact design.
  • Quiet operation.

The system can also be outfitted with an optional alarm that is both audible and visual to warn you when your water powered back up sump pump is activated. The alarm runs off of 120V with a 9V battery backup.

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