Basement Waterproofing Products

A basement that floods will damage your property and also cause health and safety hazards. It makes sense to use only the best basement waterproofing products from BWS. All of our products are designed to work together to provide you with the ultimate dry basement solution.

A wide variety of products are used in the many Waterproofing, Dehumidification, and Mold Remediation activities BWS offers. For specific information on products used, consult the service descriptions.

BWS only chooses products of commercial grade quality. Our experience has taught us what products we can rely on, and which ones get the job done right, the first time. Quality of materials and longevity of operation are our primary considerations.

 The team at Basement Waterproofing Solutions has seen our share of water damaged homes and can implement the best process for complete restoration. Contact us today for a free estimate on your home in NJ: (201) 783-9005

Types of Basement Waterproofing Products

French Drain Installation 


Modern materials and tools have allowed us to perfect this and create systems that move more water, and prevent the clogging that was common to the early systems. 

The Humidex HDS 209


This is an air evacuation system that is installed in the basement. Compact and discrete, the Humidex system is designed to be placed against a wall and blend with the decor.  

Little Giant Battery Back Up Pump


The Little Giant SPBS-12 battery backed sump pump provides extra protection in the event the primary sump pump fails, an obstruction in the sump pit blocks flow, or a power outage occurs. The Little Giant back up sump pump system also functions as an alarm system if the primary pump fails to empty the sump pit.

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers


BWS is one of the few companies in Northern NJ providing a complete overhaul and cleaning of your crawl space. When we are done, it will be clean, mold free, and odor free.   

Landscape Drains


Curtain drains are a type of French drain system that are typically installed outside a home to intercept surface runoff and groundwater before it gets to the foundation of a structure.

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