Basement Foundation Repair

Do You Have Cracks in Your Basement Foundation?

Visible cracks in your basement walls or floor are obvious potential sources of water ingress or even structural weakness. Even if they are not leaking currently, the crack is evidence of  excess hydrostatic pressure at the exterior of the structure. Left uncorrected, it is almost inevitable that the crack will get worse and become a source of unwanted moisture. 

Understanding the Cracks in your Basement Foundation

If you look closely at any basement’s walls and floors, you’ll see different kinds of cracks and damage. Many of these are superficial and easily fixed but certain types of cracks are indicators of serious structural problems and potential water leaks. Overtime, if not handled properly, these issues can make your home an unsafe environment for you and your family. Here’s a guide from an expert basement waterproofing company for decoding your basement cracks:

  • Step cracks: These are cracks which follow the mortar in the wall, cracking between bricks and blocks. While they often look serious, they are not generally a significant cause for concern as they result from minor movement of the property’s footing or wall movement. They should be attended to quickly, however, if you start to notice moisture or paint peeling around the crack as water can seriously damage the structure further.
  • Horizontal cracks: These cracks occur when the wall is being displaced by pressure from outside the basement and are often affected by the changing seasons. Wet or frozen soil, for example, expands and pushes in against the wall, opening cracks. These are a serious issue and need to be dealt with professionally to correct the structural problem and prevent further damage (as well as water leaks) to your property.
  • Floor cracks: Basement floors are composed of poured concrete which leaves small, often spider-web like cracks as it dries out. These are superficial cracks and are nothing to be concerned about. However, if the cracks are parallel to the footing or the floor has become uneven where the cracks are appearing, you will need to have them evaluated professionally. It could indicate hydrostatic pressure from a damaged drain system or sump pump and could result in structural issues as well as flooding and mold.

In order to diagnose this issue properly, our experts will determine if drainage conditions in your home are indeed creating a source of hydrostatic pressure, and suggest ways of relieving and correcting the issue.   Repair of cracks most often involves injection of hydraulic cement in cracks to seal them quickly.   Hydrostatic cement is a highly specialized type of cement that is designed to bond quickly and tightly to a wide variety of existing cement or cinderblock structures while remaining completely waterproof.

Call Basement Waterproofing Solutions today to discuss your basement foundation issues with one of our experts and let us help you find the most cost effective solution for permanent repair of your problem.

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