6 Signs of a Poor Quality Foundation

We like to think of our homes as solid and immovable, and as long as they are built properly, this should be the case. However, not all buildings are consistently well-built. Factors such as soil quality and building standards can cause variations in the strength and longevity of a house. When the problems lie in the foundations, this can cause serious issues. It could even have knock-on effects to all the other parts of the structure and could possibly even become life-threatening. Watch your house for any of these six signs, which may indicate a poor-quality foundation in need of speedy repair:

#1. Cracks in your foundation

Cracks can appear in various parts of the house, as a result of a number of different causes. When they appear on the foundation, however, it usually indicates a particularly serious problem. If you see cracks anywhere on the foundation, get them repaired immediately as they could indicate that your foundations are sinking. Cracks on other parts of the house, that seem to have no explanation, could also be caused by poor foundations.

#2. Water Damage

Water damage that doesn’t come from a leaky roof, but seems instead to be coming up from the bottom of the house, is a sure sign that you have problems with your foundations. Move quickly to ensure that the damage doesn’t spread too far.

#3. Sinking

Look out for cracks on the exterior walls, bowing walls, and gaps around your windows and exterior doors. This could indicate that the foundations are sinking. This is usually the result of a loose soil layer under the house. If you suspect anything of the kind, have your house checked by a structural expert immediately.

#4. Sagging or Bowed Floors

When floors that once appeared perfectly level suddenly start to develop sagging and indentations, it is almost certainly a foundation problem. Any hint of change in the floor level should be seen to immediately.

#5. Jammed Windows or Doors

If doors and windows start to become difficult to open and shut, and you can’t find any other explanation for it, such as swelling wood or warped steel, it may be that you have a sinking foundation that is causing the window and door frames to get bent out of alignment.

#6. Foundation Upheaval

Foundation upheaval is a sure sign of a major problem. This is where a part of your foundation starts to thrust upwards. This will reveal itself as bows, bumps, and cracks in the floor.

You need to keep a close eye on your building to detect any of these signs and have them seen to early on, before they cause irreparable damage. Once you spot them, always consult an expert about the state of your foundations and any necessary repairs.

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